Maya Scatter Tutorial: Tree – Grass – Generator Script


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Scatter hundreds and even thousands of instances in short time using scatter for maya in this maya tutorial I want to show you how you can easily scatter a paint effect trees across any poly surface in no time suing this handy maya script. you can use it for grass, flowers, hair, buildings etc..

scatterObj is for distributing objects across any poly surface, this script is very easy to use and it help you scatter objects quickly. it uses the surface vertex to spread the objects on, so if you want more objects on the surface you need to increase its poly count and vice versa. and it give you random rotation and scale so you don’t get identical trees, grass, hair or what ever you are using.

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How to use:

1) Make sure that your source geometry “tree” pivot point is in the right position.
2) Select the surface first and then select the object you want it to be scattered last.

1- Copy the script to Maya script folder .
2- Open Maya and in the script editor load the script and then select the script and add it as “Mel” button to your shelf.


*Align To Surface: Tick this button if you want the objects to follow the orientation of the surface, like for hair or grass.

* Translation: You can adjust the value to get random results in the translation X and Z.

* Rotation: You can adjust the value to get random results in the rotations X Y Z.
– Scale: You can adjust the value to get random results in the scale X Y Z.

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